I am a researcher in human-computer interaction, a cross-disciplinary study focusing on the designs and technologies that facilitate more fluid interactions and transparent interfaces between human and computing devices.

In the past 5 years, I have been a PhD candidate advised by Dr. Shengdong Zhao, in the NUS-HCI lab, School of Computing, National University of Singapore. In addition to my background in computer engineering and computer science, I have gained invaluable knowledge and practical experience in interaction design, statistics, and psychology. I have also finished two summer internships with the HCI group in Microsoft Research Asia (in 2011, mentored by Dr. Xiang Cao), and Google Research (in 2013, mentored by Dr. Yang Li).

My specific research interest is 3D interactions. My PhD research concerns the creation of several novel binocular viewing experiences that can be applied to a host of HCI applications.

My other research conducted in the earlier years cover topics in gestural interactions, information visualization, and web browsing.

While I continue to explore the field of 3D interactions, my other interests include computer graphics, machine learning, psychophysics, and haptics.

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