Graphics Design
Occasionally, I do graphics design for fun. Here are some of my creations.

CHI 2011 student volunteer T-shirt design contest
The CHI conference organizes a T-shirt design contest, in which the winner would be awarded a spot as a student volunteer. Here is my submission to the CHI 2011 conference in Vancouver, Canada. It did not win the contest, but I like the work :)

T-shirts designed for MSRA intern program
When I was in Microsoft Research Asia in 2010, I designed several T-shirts for the internship program.
top: geek-themed badges printed on the T-shirts.
bottom-left: polo T (dubbed "Ace Intern").
bottom-right: themed after the MSRA campus building in Beijing (with help from Pedro Andrade).
Check out the full-size image for more details.

NUS-HCI logo samples
I designed the current logo of the NUS-HCI lab. The logo captures our lab as a technically savvy lab, through the use of the two common ASCII characters, "}" and "[", and the role of HCI as an agent between human users and technologies, through the contrast between the curvatures of the two brackets. Thanks Bo Yi for the original inspiration!

My name card
The design of my name card is derived from the lab logo, since I really love the logo!

I got a doumbek (a traditional drum originating for the middle-east) a while ago,
and have been having fun learning it.

Here are some sources that I learn doumbek from: